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How does it work?

Simply enter a Bible verse or passage and submit the search. You will be shown a list of early Christian writings that quote, discuss or allude to this passage and you will find links to read the text for yourself. You can enter or leave out the chapter and the start and end verse. If no verse is entered, the whole chapter is applied.

Note that this website can only find Scripture references that the editors provided in the footnotes, which are fortunately very many. Sometimes they are simply Scripture quotations without detailed commentary, sometimes they are merely allusions, and only in some cases they reflect the authors understanding of the passage in a deeper way. Therefore keep your expectations realistic.

Because the references are extracted from the footnotes, for every found reference you will be given a footnote number. Some chapters can be very lengthy, so look for the footnote with the given number. If you click the icon to read it here on this website, the footnote will be highlighted in the text. If you open the link to the CCEL, I recommend you use your browser's search function to find the footnote immediately.

Scripture Commentaries

Sadly, some of the most interesting Scripture commentaries are not properly included. The reason is that the editors did not annotate them with footnotes in the same manner, because a human reader would understand the context and need no footnote references. Below you find a - not necessarily complete - list of writings or fragments that discuss Scripture in more detail but may not be properly found via the footnotes search above.

Theophilus - Book II Chapter X to XXXI

Clement of Alexandria - Fragments

Hippolytus - Exegetical Works

Victorinus - On Revelation

Origen - On the Gospel of John and Matthew

If you feel that I missed some writing in that list, please let me know.