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Hippolytus - Book IV

Type of Those Born Under Libra.

Chapter XXI.--Type of Those Born Under Libra.

Those born in Libra will be of the following description: hair thin, drooping, reddish and longish, forehead pointed (and) wrinkled, fair compact eyebrows, beautiful eyes, dark pupils, long thin ears, head inclined, wide mouth. The same by nature are intelligent, God-fearing, communicative to one another, [227] traders, toilers, not retaining gain, liars, not of an amiable disposition, in business or principle true, free-spoken, beneficent, illiterate, deceivers, friendly, careless, (to whom it is not profitable to do any act of injustice); [228] they are scorners, scoffers, satirical, [229] illustrious, listeners, and nothing succeeds with these; as regards friendship, useful.