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Book II


Chapter I.—Occasion of Writing This Book.

Chapter II.—The Gods are Despised When They are Made; But Become Valuable When Bought.

Chapter III.—What Has Become of the Gods?

Chapter IV.—Absurd Opinions of the Philosophers Concerning God.

Chapter V.—Opinions of Homer and Hesiod Concerning the Gods.

Chapter VI.—Hesiod on the Origin of the World.

Chapter VII.—Fabulous Heathen Genealogies.

Chapter VIII.— Opinions Concerning Providence.

Chapter IX.—The Prophets Inspired by the Holy Ghost.

Chapter X.—The World Created by God Through the Word.

Chapter XI.—The Six Days’ Work Described.

Chapter XII.—The Glory of the Six Days’ Work.

Chapter XIII.—Remarks on the Creation of the World.

Chapter XIV.—The World Compared to the Sea.

Chapter XV.—Of the Fourth Day.

Chapter XVI.—Of the Fifth Day.

Chapter XVII.—Of the Sixth Day.

Chapter XVIII.—The Creation of Man.

Chapter XIX.—Man is Placed in Paradise.

Chapter XX.—The Scriptural Account of Paradise.

Chapter XXI.—Of the Fall of Man.

Chapter XXII.—Why God is Said to Have Walked.

Chapter XXIII.—The Truth of the Account in Genesis.

Chapter XXIV.—The Beauty of Paradise.

Chapter XXV.—God Was Justified in Forbidding Man to Eat of the Tree of Knowledge.

Chapter XXVI.—God’s Goodness in Expelling Man from Paradise.

Chapter XXVII.—The Nature of Man.

Chapter XXVIII.—Why Eve Was Formed of Adam’s Rib.

Chapter XXIX.—Cain’s Crime.

Chapter XXX.—Cain’s Family and Their Inventions.

Chapter XXXI.—The History After the Flood.

Chapter XXXII.—How the Human Race Was Dispersed.

Chapter XXXIII.—Profane History Gives No Account of These Matters.

Chapter XXXIV.—The Prophets Enjoined Holiness of Life.

Chapter XXXV.—Precepts from the Prophetic Books.

Chapter XXXVI.—Prophecies of the Sibyl.

Chapter XXXVII.—The Testimonies of the Poets.

Chapter XXXVIII.—The Teachings of the Greek Poets and Philosophers Confirmatory of Those of the Hebrew Prophets.